Artist Statement

Objects or fragments of objects often speak to me. Discovering a discarded piece of barn siding, a machine part, a fragment of an embroidered linen napkin, an old fishing lure, conjures highly charged feelings. Imagining the previous life of the object and hands that touched it is both humbling and inspirational. Functional goods are frequently hidden repositories of beauty. An antique woven metal battery strap is as elegantly designed and executed as a Tiffany bracelet. The iconic sculptural forms of oil cans and intricate beauty of sewing notions are functional and aesthetically underappreciated. Rust, age, dirt, and the environment provide a patina never to be found in today’s synthetic, efficient, disposable products. My artistic goal is to give new life and respect to objects we commonly dismiss, discard, and deem obsolete. I also attempt to create pieces that are visually pleasing and emotionally provocative.

It is not enough to simply display the revered objects. The adventure begins when juxtaposing found objects and images never meant to reside together. There are infusions of my drawings, ceramic pieces, and painted images. A penchant for porcelain doll parts contributes a human, albeit creepy, element. Wondering what might happen if these prim porcelain icons were liberated lead to the creation of several mixed media pieces. Irreverence and humor are not absent. Ironically, the materials and their interactions dictate the outcome of each piece. My role is that of the respectful fabricator.